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Did you know? 

– Touch within the nuclear family is a key predictor of children’s lasting expression of positive emotions

– In humans, 65% of face-to-face interactions between caregiver and infant involve tactile communication,

Social & Food

Did you know? 

– Very first lies are observed from the age of 2!

-To be able to accept a food that was initially offered, the child must taste it between 10 and 15 times.


Did you know? 

-Around 5 years old, children discover that numbers continue to infinity.

– From birth, babies know how to differentiate between small and large quantities.

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Did you know?

– Learning 2 languages ​​does not cause a language delay.

– At 5 months the baby knows how to recognize his first name.

Motor skills & Action

Did you know? 

– From birth, newborns are able to move quadrupedally to the maternal breast.

– The fetus more often sucks the thumb of the hand with which, as a child, it wrote.


Did you know?

– Newborns can visually recognize an object they have just touched.

– Babies can tell the difference between colours from 4 monthe of age.