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Arlette Streri

Emeritus Professor


I am mainly interested in newborns’ perception and cognition. A 2-3-day-old newborn is at the hinge between the foetal and neonatal periods. At birth, it is the first time that newborns share our complex and multimodal world. The fundamental question is: “How are they able to perceive and understand these complexities?” In front of different bimodal situations (visuo-auditory or visuo-tactile), I seek to track newborns’ adapted responses as well as their limitions.

Selected Publications

– Streri, A., De Hevia, M., Izard, V. & Coubart, A. (2013). What do we know about neonatal cognition? Behavioral Sciences, 3, 154-169.

– Streri A, Coulon M., Marie J, Yeung H. 2016. Developmental change in infants’ detection of visual faces that match auditory vowels Infancy, 21, 177-198.

– Coubart, A., Izard, V., Spelke, E. S. , Marie, J., & Streri, A. (2014). Dissociation between small and large numerosities in newborn infants. Developmental Science, 17, 11-22.

– Coulon, M., Hemimoun, C. & Streri, A. (2013). Effects of Seeing and Hearing Vowels on Neonatal Facial Imitation. Infancy, 1-15.

– Sann, C. & Streri, A. (2007). Perception of object shape and texture in newborn infants: evidence from cross-modal tasks. Developmental Science, 10 :3, 398-409.