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J. Kevin O’Regan

Retired research director – Hosted


I am retired, but am continuing to work at the BabyLab financed by two European grants. Whereas my past research has concerned a variety of topics from eye movements, vision, change blindness to consciousness, recently I have started doing work on tool use by babies, and on how babies learn to understand the structure of the world and their bodies.

Selected Publications

O’Regan, J. K. (2011). Why red doesn’t sound like a bell: Understanding the feel of consciousness. New York: Oxford University Press, USA.

– Esseily, R., Rat-Fischer, L., Somogyi, E., O’Regan, K. J., & Fagard, J. (2015). Humour production may enhance observational learning of a new tool-use action in 18-month-old infants. Cognition and Emotion, 0(0), 1–9.

– Fagard, J., Rat-Fischer, L., & O’Regan, J. K. (2014). The emergence of use of a rake-like tool: a longitudinal study in human infants. Frontiers in Psychology, 5.

– Somogyi, E., Jacquey, L., Heed, T., Hoffmann, M., Lockman, J. J., Granjon, L., … O’Regan, J. K. 2017. Which limb is it? Responses to vibrotactile stimulation in early infancy. British Journal of Developmental Psycholog