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Léa Guéret

PhD student


My research focuses on the sensory-motor development of very premature infants, born between 24 and 32 weeks of amenorrhoea, with brain lesions.

My research project consists of offering early stimulation training in quadruped walking to children born very prematurely with a high risk of neurodevelopmental disorders, involving the parents in the protocol and looking at the overall development, and more specifically the motor development, of the trained children. This project is particularly close to my heart because of my original profession as a paediatric physiotherapist, where I was used to working with this triad of professional/parents/children with a view to optimising my treatment and the development of my little patients. My thesis is under the supervision of Sylvie Tordjman and the co-direction of Jessica Dubois with the collaboration of Marianne Barbu-Roth.

Ongoing project

Selected Publications