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ERC Advanced Grant FEEL and GoalRobots


“FEEL” is an Advanced European Research Council grant that concerns the question of what sensory stimulation feels like. Why does “red” feel red rather than green, for example? Why is a touch on the arm  felt on the arm instead of on the foot? GoalRobots is a European FET-Open grant in collaboration with Italian and German robotics laboratories. Here the purpose is to use information about how babies learn in order to help build autonomous robots. In collaboration with Jacqueline Fagard and PhD student Lisa Jacquey, my contribution to both these projects involves studying how a baby’s knowledge of the structure of its body develops. In particular we are testing to what extent, as babies grow older, they become progressively more able to control the movements of their limbs as a function of visual or auditory feedback that they are given.

Project team lead
J.Kevin O’Regan

Project team lead

Jacqueline Fagard
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