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Adaptation of a digital tool (QUILS- Golinkoff, de Villiers, Hirsh-Pasek, Iglesias & Wilson 2017) for the assessment of language skills (vocabulary comprehension, sentence comprehension, word learning) of children (mono- and bilingual) entering kindergarten at age 3, and 1 and 2 years later.
The aim is to have a digital tool that is easy to use on any computer or tablet, with the children responding on the touch screen. Following validation on a large panel of children tested in nursery school, it will enable early childhood and health professionals to quickly assess the level of French of monolingual and bilingual children and to monitor their development over the first 2 years of schooling. It will also enable parents to become aware of their children’s level of French.
It includes a vocabulary test, a syntax test and a test for learning new words.

Project team lead
Thierry Nazzi
Project team lead
Ranka Bijeljac-Babić

Project supported by

Alex de Carvalho