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Hearing development and speech perception in noise in children with cochlear implants


Despite progress in the diagnosis and early rehabilitation of congenital profound hearing loss, there is still considerable variability in language acquisition in children with cochlear implants. In order to improve our knowledge of the development of language and hearing, we are conducting a study of a group of children aged between 5 and 12 who received a cochlear implant before the age of 4 and a group of children of the same age with no hearing problems. In this study we aim to gain a better understanding of the ability of children’s auditory systems to process non-language acoustic signals that exhibit slow variations in amplitude over time. We believe that the ability to extract and use this acoustic information efficiently could help to explain perceptual differences in children with cochlear implants. This study is being carried out in collaboration with the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Dr Christian Lorenzi & Dr Léo Varnet), the Hôpital Robert Debré (Dr van den Abbeele) and the company Advance Bionics.

Project team lead
Laurianne Cabrera

Project supported by

advanced bionics

(private funding)